Friday, 9 February 2018

10 Years of Parkour

Monday 11 Feb 2008. I had just moved to London, when decided to skip my kick boxing training (the reason I moved to London) to give Parkour a try and join the legendary Parkour Generations Monday Indoor class at Moberly Sports Centre.
I didn’t know what to expect or had any goals. I had seen most of the Parkour videos on Youtube (there were not so many back then anyway) and it just seemed like something fun, not hard and definitely not a discipline to focus on.
….Couldn’t even follow the warm up! Cant even describe how socked I was by the training. I was considering myself fit and strong, as I had been training and competing in martial arts and kick boxing for about 8 years already, but the only thing that was crossing my mind while lying on the floor unable to do any more press ups was: ‘’what is going on in here?’’
I kept going to this class a few times every month, as it was fun and was a good way to improve my strength and stamina for kick boxing competitions.  
Within a year I had almost quit kick boxing, joined the PK Gen outdoor classes as well (one of the best decisions I ever made) and started training outdoors regularly with good friends I made at the classes and jams.
The rest is History…

10 Persons that influenced my life and my Parkour these 10 years 
( in order of date of appearance :P )
1, 2 Dan Edwards & Forrest: First instructors I met in my first PK class. Greatfull to be you guys.
3 Stephane Vigroux: Instructor at most of the Tuesday outdoor classes around London. So lucky to be taught mostly about the spirit of the discipline by such a legend.
4. Christopher Keighly: One of the instructors that was giving us hard times at the Moberly classes. Was so great having him run my ADAPT level 2 and first ever that happened in Greece.
5. Blane: No words to describe the appreciation. The best of the best! So lucky to be able to call him friend. Still remember the first moment I met him in person.
6. Lauri: My training buddy and my best man! The one who made me enjoy and love Parkour the most.

7. Stephen Moss: The leader! Can remember seeing him moving at the Moberly class as a student. And of course instructor at the 1st Athens International seminar!!
8. Anma: Brother. The guy that pushes me to become better the most!
9. Bill: Brother #2, best guy in the world (even if he pisses me off most of the times :P )     
10. Leon: The rock! Nough said!          

10 years in 10 moments
1. My first class at Moberly Sports Center. ‘’What is going on in here?’’
2. My first precision in height at Elephant & Castle spot during a PK Gen class. Still remember how Blane put 5 or 6 people underneath to catch me in case I would fall, in order to make me do it.

3. The moment Lauri introduced himself to me and every Friday we were training all day together.
4. The fun plays at Beckton
5. The first Athens International gathering

6. The 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th… Athens International gatherings and the days before and after.
7. The weekend when 7 people visited from London

8. The day that the Athens Parkour Academy - New World opened its doors to the public

9. The day I stepped into the TEFAA gym for the first time and met Anma and Bill.
10. The hug I received at the end of our first summer camp.

I tried to write this as fast as possible, in order to really write the first things that came to my mind. If I keep thinking I will have trouble deciding on just 10 to choose.  

To the next 10 years! 

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